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Fintech Advisory

Helping Bankers to Harness FinTech innovation

At Banking Reports we specialize in helping banks to understand the risks and opportunities posed by the unfolding FinTech revolution. The majority of practicing bankers have to focus on maintaining their daily operations and profits, whilst simultaneously adopting the best and most useful ideas from emerging FinTech technologies and start ups. If this sounds like you, we can help.

FinTech Training

We offer 1-Day and 2-Day FinTech Training programs specifically designed to meet the needs of bankers. Popular topics include ‘Trends in Marketing Financial Services’, ‘Digital Payments’ and ‘Banking Innovation’.

FinTech Seminars

Our seminars cover a wide array of tailored FinTech content. Individual seminars and seminar series can be provided on any aspect of the Banking Transition and related financial innovation.

Corporate FinTech Days

Our Corporate FinTech Days are designed to help your bank to deeply engage with and discuss the impacts of the unfolding digital transition on your business. We can also organise days for you featuring Pitches, Startups and Gurus.

Executive FinTech Coaching

Our one-to-one coaching for C-Level and VP-Level bankers is designed to provide personalised, active listening and global expertise with a positive ‘think together’-attitude and a focus on maximizing your shareholder value.

Banking Innovation

We can help you to address the Banking Innovation Paradox of innovating whilst running a big successful business. You have to reduce risks, yet deliver digital innovation. What is the right path for you to follow?

Transitional Investments

Investing in FinTech is challenging and can involve hiring people with new skills and backgrounds. How will you go about this and have you thought about divesting? Do you want to set the key metrics up to measure success?

Training for Bankers

An Overview of Global Banking Innovation

"FinTech" has become a hot buzzword, but what does it mean and how could the best ideas, technologies and start ups help you and your bank to make more money? Useful information tends to be scattered across the web and difficult to access via traditional channels. This is why our structured, consistent and clear briefings and training are so valuable.

The Future of Banking

Before the Digital Age, 2008 – The Igniting Force, The FinTech Revolution, Banks in 2025, ‘Internet of Things’, Challenger Banks, Information-security.

Reacting to FinTech

Defense: Evolution. Offence: Revolution. Communication: Image. Organization: Vertical Silos vs Incubators, Accelerators, Labs. Group Exercise: The Venture Capital Role-Play.

The New Millennium

Millennials vs Baby Boomers, Mass vs Affluent. Exponential is the New Linear: Metcalfe’s Law. Customer Loyalty: the lock-in effect. Digital Identity: the trillion dollar conundrum.

Blockchain Insights

BitCoin vs Block-chain: Great discoveries are unintended. Why Clearing has to be Reformed: Costs, Speed, Lack of Compatibility. Case Studies: R3 from New York, Nexus Squared from Zurich.

Digital Identity

Onboarding, AML, KYC, Biometrics, Digital Signature, Paperless Bank, Digital-Identity-Theft. Control vs Value. Transition outlooks.


The GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) Challenge, Smartphone, D-Wallets, Remittances, Digital Currencies. Case Studies: M-Pesa, PayPal

Training for Marketers

Trends in Marketing Financial Services

The new "Millennial" generation is growing up with a totally different perspective to financial services to previous generations. Millennials differ from their parents in all major vectors of classical marketing (Product-preference, Price-sensitivity, Placement-optimum, Promotion-channels, People vs Technology, Physical-evidence vs Digital-only). Our training provides an in-depth look into this “brave new world” of marketing and how you can successfully reach the next generation of customers.

New Channels

Social Media, Smartphone, Branch: ‘the branch of the future’ or ‘the future of the branch’, Smartwatch, Wearables, Hyper-connectivity, IoT (Internet of Things), Roboadvisors, AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Marketing Communication

Trust-building, Information-cascades, The Banking Innovation Paradox, Gamification, Advertainment, Infotainment, Inbound Marketing, Native Advertising.

Reacting to Competition

Speed has Changed: The Red Queen Effect. Competition versus Cooperation: Coopetition, Frenemies, Co-marketing. Challenger Banks, Risks, Regulators.

The New Millennium

Millennials vs Baby Boomers, Mass vs Affluent. Exponential is the New Linear: Metcalfe’s Law. Customer Loyalty: the lock-in effect. Digital Identity: the trillion dollar conundrum.

Digital Development

Market Research, Big Data, Cutting Across Vertical Silos in Product Development. ApplePay: better to be prepared. Case Studies: SelfPay from Toronto, Super Wallet from Lublin.

Marketing and Sales

Lead Generation in the Digital Age, Marketing Automation, Video. Old Techniques in the New Era: X-Sell, Upsell, Referral, Welcome Gift, Aggregators. PR 2.0.

Training on Digital Payments


The world of payments has been in permanent change ever since the Lydians introduced the first coins in the 6th century BC made of electrum (an alloy of silver and gold) – as described by Herodotus a century later. Now – 2500 years after Herodotus – a new revolution is sweeping through our world of finance: The FinTech Revolution. And our training provides you a prompt description of defining trends that every banker needs to know about and understand.

Smart Phones

ApplePay, SelfPay, AndroidPay, GooglePay, LoopPay. Wallets and the Super-Wallet Concept. PayPal: strategic strength delivered? How will the card-companies step in?

Payment Regulation

PSD2, XS2A, EPC, SEPA, KRIIs. Consumer Rights, Blockchain vs APIs. National, International vs Supranational Approach.


The SmartWatch: do consumers have to be pushed or do they know what they want? Heart-Beat Recognition Digital-ID Bracelet. Payments Ring. How to (if) beat the smartphone?

Inter-Bank Payments

SWIFT’s future and the Innotribe initiative. Token, Earthport, and the others initiatives to transition the interbank-market.


Over 200 players globally. How do consumers make a choice? The communication strategy of TransferWise vs all other players. Remittances categorized.

Digital Currencies

How BitCoin and Blockchain are now getting separated? Which one will survive? Blockchain use-cases. What a viable digital currency looks like?

CEO, David Gyori


David has developed a curriculum for training bankers, markets and others win the unfolding digital banking transition. He is a passionate and skilled trainer.


David is a co-author of ‘The FINTECH Book’ published Wiley and a guest blogger at Finance Magnates. His article about FinTech Megatrends in 2016 has been chosen as one of the best globally.


David is experienced public speaker and makes an engaging panel-member at key international forums. His key areas of interest within FinTech are: Neo-Banks and Challenger Banks, Digital Wallets and Digital Currencies, Digital Identity and Biometrics as well as Robo Advisors.


David has experience of provide specialist consulting and niche research for banks. David has recently joined the Advisory Board of the Environmental Rating Agency and is keen to share his expertise with similarly creative and exciting FinTech start ups.


David has conducted two global FinTech expert-research projects in the last 12 month. His standpoint is that more quantitative evidence is beneficial to gain a better understanding of FinTech.

Opinion Leader

David has over 8000 relevant LinkedIn connections (followers) from the global FinTech and Banking elite. He is also operating a strong corporate Twitter handle as well as a personal one.

Dávid Győri

CEO at Banking Reports, Member of the Panel of Judges of the European FinTech Awards and Co-author of ‘The FinTech Book’ (Wiley & Sons)

European FinTech Awards

Member of Judging Panel

Location : "Amsterdam, 14 April 2016"

Join the European FinTech Awards and Conference where innovative and disruptive FinTech companies are awarded. Meet 400 hand picked entrepreneurs, bankers, investors and advisors, extend your network and develop business. Join the festive award ceremony on 14 April 2016 at the ABN AMRO Headoffice in Amsterdam. Sign up for the European FinTech Conference featuring international keynote speakers, thought provoking panels discussions and pitches by the European FinTech 100. ​Read more. Buy tickets today. ​

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The FinTech Book (2016)

Contributing Author

Abstract : "FinTech is the Future Itself"

"... we are just at the very beginning of a revolution: The FinTech Revolution, a revolution that changes financial services as we knew them in the last 4 000 years. Ever since banking began in Assyria by issuing grain-loans in 2 000 BC the vast majority of innovations came from within the sector. But this has fundamentally changed and as a result we are the witnesses of an era when the ecosystem of nearly 5 000 small, nimble, innovative, creative and ambitious startups has taken over the central role on this prestigious stage."







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